Jan 22, 2024

Rebranding and new release

BitQuail Reimagined: Welcome to Algify, Your Crypto Trading Upgrade

Hey Algify Community,

Exciting times ahead! We've rebranded from BitQuail to Algify, and there's more. We're rolling out a game-changing Algo Trading feature.

Algify: Your New Crypto Ally

We've changed our name, but our commitment stays the same. Algify, short for ALGo trading platform, means we're here to make crypto trading easier.

What's Coming: Algo Trading on Algify

Hold on to your hats! We're actively working on an Algo Trading and Backtesting framework. This means advanced tools for crypto traders like you.

What's in Store:

  • Algo Trading Made Easy: Get ready for automatic and semi-automatic algo trading tools. It's like having a smart assistant for your crypto trades.
  • Release Timing: Expect the big launch by the end of Q2 or early Q3 2024. We're taking our time to make sure everything's just right.

Come Along on the Algify Algo Adventure

We want you on this journey with us. Your thoughts matter. Stay tuned for more updates as Algify evolves into your go-to crypto companion.

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Vlad Fedoniuk

Algify's CEO and Founder

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