Visualize Insights and Organize Strategies for Success

Capture your trading insights effortlessly with Algify's Notes. Visualize market trends using screenshots from the charts, and organize your strategies seamlessly with an intuitive and distraction-free editor. Stay in control of your trading decisions and streamline your trading activities with Algify's Notes feature. Take notes like a pro and elevate your trading experience today!

Capture Charts with Ease

Take screenshots of the charts inside Algify and paste them directly into your notes. Visualize your trading setups and strategies for a more comprehensive trading approach.

Intuitive and Minimalistic Editor

Our minimalistic note editor allows you to focus solely on the content you write, without any distractions. Simplify your note-taking process and stay focused on what matters most – your trading decisions.

Dark and Light Mode Options

Choose your preferred interface with dark and light mode options. Customize your note-taking environment for maximum comfort during any time of the day.

Export Notes as PDF

Need to share your trading insights or keep offline backups? Export your notes as PDF files with ease, ensuring you have access to your valuable data whenever you need it.